Posted by: Anurag Ojha | November 13, 2007

I swallowed an ant today

A Black Ant

It tasted salty



  1. hi..
    nice blog…
    one question if u wud like to answer…
    how do i put upa visitor map like urs in sidebar?

  2. hi! thanks!

    Well, just click on the image, it should take you to the website.
    There you should see a “Click *here* to get yours free.” link.
    Type in your email address and website and it will return a html code. like this
    {a href=”****”>
    {img src=”****” alt=”ip-location” border=”1″>{/a}

    You can put this code on your website, or blog!

  3. thats what i want to know >> where in my blog?
    I am just confused where to pste so i have it just like on urs…

  4. im not sure i understand what you are asking ..

    Does this help ?

    Its an image of where and how i added the map(code) on my blog.

  5. well it was my fault that i could not explain my question nor could i understand the solution.
    So great of u to include the picture.
    Thanks a ton.

  6. very profound ! 😛

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