Posted by: Anurag Ojha | December 17, 2007

This night

This is an amazing night.

I wish we had the technology or the magic to share feelings and experiences.

Let me describe to you the spectacle around(and above) me as best i can, let me tell you im not so good at this, but here goes.

Its a half moon night. Cold. Im wearing a jacket, and a monkey cap.

Sitting on the roof of my house, a one storeyed resort kinda flat, just like many others in this new township.

The sea is barely a few kilometres away and i can see glittering yellow lights along the oil pipelines in the horizon. Its dark but lights all around the place, along the highway just beyond the walls, its quite silent now.

So im sitting on my roof, with a laptop with wireless internetconnection, reading manga, Naruto chapter 382. Jiraya is on the verge of defeat against Pein. he seems to be nearing his end … and he is having visions of his conversation with the Fourth Hokage, his student, Yodaime and history(well duh!?) in the making as Yodaime is about to name his son … Naruto!

Im also reading Bleach chapter 304, dedicated to the childhood of Hitsugaya Toushiro, new movie thats comming up Bleach: Diamond dust rebellion, where our lead guy is none other than our whitey-chan.

Im also listening to John Mayer – Continuum wearing the greatest pair of headphones, my new Grado Alessandro MS-1, over my woolen cap, which is adding to the softness.

If that wasent all … for those who know Jamnagar is home to the Indian Army, Navy …. and the AIRFORCE !!!!

As i write this, IAF jets are roaring over my head so low that i can see their airframe in the darkness of the night in the moons light. They block the moon easy.

In the flat Gujarat landscape where you can see as far as you wish to see, the planes appear as if in slow motion … red lights under their bellies …

Gravity …. is workin against me …. and gravity wants to bring me down … ohhh ill never know …

(mom yells “dinners ready“)

Oh gravity … ohhh stay the hell away from me


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