Posted by: Anurag Ojha | February 17, 2008

Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Seon – Endless Love – OST The Myth

Jackie Chan is a legend. For those who dont know, Jackie is a very accomplished singer in China and has released over 100 song titles. One of which is so popular that over 95% of Chinese have heard it, cant remember the track tho 😛

Last i heard of it was in the Jackie Chan Adventures Cartoon Series.

Well the song next is called Endless Love from the Movie “The Myth”. I had totally forgotten about this song until a friend posted an FFX Anime music video adaptation of it. There is however another version by Nathan Wang & Gary Chase, which i think is actually better. Both are included in the OST Album of “The Myth” as 02. Endless Love I and 19. Endless Love II respectively. Youtube is fine but you’ve gotto listen to the song in its full grace in the Theatre or MP3.

Included the (rare)english translation of the lyrics too!

Jie kai wo, zui shen mi de deng dai
Xing xing zhui luo fong zai chui dong
Zhong yu zai jiang ni yong ru huai zhong
Lliang ke xin chan dou
Xiang xin wo bu bian de zhen xin
Qian nian deng dai yao wo cheng nuo
Wu lun jing guo duo shao de han dong
Wo jue bu fang shou

Release me from this mysterious waiting
the stars are falling; the wind is blowing.
Finally I can hold you in my arms.
Two hearts beating together.
Believe me that my heart has never-change
waiting a thousand year, You have my promise
No matter how many cold winter have passed
I will never let you go.

Ijen naye soneul chapgo neuneul kabwayo
Uri saranghaeddon naldeul senggaghaebwayo
Uri nomu saranghaesso apassod neyo
Soro saranghangdan maldo motheson neyo

Now hold my hands, and close your eyes
Please think about the days when we were in love.
We loved each other too much, it caused us such pain
We can’t even say “I love you”

Mei yi ye, bei xing tong chuan yue
Sze nian yong mei you zhong dian
Zao xhi guan le gu du xiang sui
Wo wei xiao mian dui
Xiang xin wo yi xuan ze deng dai
Zai duo ku tong ye bu shan duo
Zhi you ni de wen rou neng jie jiu
Wu bian de leng mo

Every night my heart aches.
I never stop thinking of you.
I am used to being alone for such a long time
And I face it with a smile.
Believe me, I choose to wait.
Even though it’s painful, I won’t leave.
Only your tenderness can save me
From the endless cold.

Rang ai cheng wei ni wo xin zhong
Nai yong yuan sheng kai de hua
Chuan yue shi kong jue bu di tou
Yong bu fang qi de meng

Let the love in our hearts
Become a blossoming flower
We can pass through time, never bowing our heads,
And never giving up our dream.

Uri nomu saranghaesso apassod neyo
Soro saranghangdan malgo motheson neyo

We loved each other too much, it caused us such pain
We can’t even say the words “I love you”

Rang ai cheng wei ni wo xing zhong
Na yong yuan sheng kai de hua

Let the love in our hearts
Become a blossoming flower

Uri sohjunghaedon yaksog ijineun marayo

We never forget our promise.

Wei you zhen ai zhui sui ni wo
Chuan yue wu jin shi kong

Only true love follows us
as we travel through the endless space and time.

Soro saranghangdan maldo motheson neyo

We can’t even say the words “I love you.”

Ai shi xin zhong wei yi, bu bian mei li de shen hua

Love is the only myth that exist in the hearts that never change.


  1. Hey i m really a fan of Chinese movies and themes .. i just love it as if i feel there is some connection between me an that culture … i still don’t understand when i ever i watch epic movies like Myth – Crouching Tiger Higgen Dragon . i was taken away from this world for atleast 1 week .. and the music composition in both movies are really marvelous … and another such example is Last Samurai which have an excellent sound track … man .. that really made ne cry ,

    The Video of The Myth is really romantic .. u must see the Video album in the move .. man u will certainly be taken away from here … Kim Hee Seon look soo beautiful in the movie its unfortunate that she got married ,, or else i would have tried … any what theme of levitation in Chinese Myth , is really awesome..

  2. Jackie chan sings great and looks great in this music video very romantic video:-*:-*

  3. I love jackie chans singing voice and i am in love with jackie chan he is gorgeous xxx:-*:-*

  4. jackie chan is just awesome and great

  5. glad to know that world’s biggest action star is also a great singer

  6. why all jc fans are so lazy in writing about him,the only actor who represents asia in the world

  7. I Have Been Searching For the Meaning Of The Song Such A Long Time.Now Im Happy Man. Thanks A Lot

  8. the legendary jackie chan, he is gr8, i love his voice, act and his manners

  9. I love the song “eternal love”! very romantic. jackie is a very good singer! he should go on american idol! i’d definately vote for him! GO JACKIE!!!

  10. I love this songs very much… so reality…

  11. I fell in love with this song’s melody the 1st time i heard it. But it’s Chinese-Korean so i couldn’t understand a bit. Now i’ve discovered its great meaning, it’s so beautiful… (Thanks 4 the lyrics!)

  12. Вопрос:   Я мечтаю пообщаться с гармоничной девушкой. Времени после занятий совсем нет, а в свободные дни как правило приходится также  работать. Вметро знакомиться не хочется.  Пока что на разных сайтах встречаю  обычно проституток. Посоветуйте решение, пожалуйста. Заранее искреннее спасибо !!.

  13. awesome jackie,, how romantic song,, this song touch my heart so deeply,, 🙂

  14. It’s really awsome video,
    i can’t stop clicking the play button,…
    JC is really awsome actor and singer,…

  15. I want to watch the video with english subtitle.
    please ^^

  16. Jackie loves to sing! He even goes to Japan to sing on TV

  17. May i know Endless Love is originate composed by who? and who is first singer sing this song?

  18. thank you, xie xie ni, kamsahamnida……… 🙂

  19. Honestly Sun Nan voice goes better with this wonderful song. But I cannot be objective about him….

  20. Jackie ur voice is so nice and this song is superb…………….

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  22. i ‘ve loved this song to death coz its really awesome continue to make awesome songz like this one

  23. I love this song & the singers too.

    Salute to the song writer, for such an excellent works on Lyrics. \m/\m/ !!!

    I must say those words shake my soul & roll those tears, that don’t know the reason but love the way it is. 🙂

    Love u China ❤

  24. Amazing song…………. i love it soooooooooo much,,, and i love Jacky ❤

  25. This song moved the whole of me the first time I heard it. Thanks for the translation.

    • jc is awesome and gorgeous. i really wish wheather if he could accept me as my disciple.

  26. Its flawlessss…….it takes me from dis world to another……i m glad 2 lnw dat ma fav actor is also a gud singer……….I really wanna meet him if it iz posible……:(

  27. this is very nice song

  28. awesome song..its my favourite

  29. 김희선 눈아 대박… Proud to be korean…Jackie Chan 재키 첸 make me proud to be asian!!!

  30. hey anybody know where can I found the Hangul lyric for this song??..

    • Google translation.

  31. Jackie Chan ‘general Meng Yi’. He’s just a star. He’s one of my favourite actors, I like this Myth song so much. I can now sing it by heart.

  32. First of all we know that jackie is cool,well that goes without saying. Recently i heard this song and i thought wow…. this song is deep, its nice than to my surprise it was jackie chan the greatest action movie star singing this song . That day i realized something n dat is we human beings are blessed with many gifts from up above and its only a matter of how we utilise that gift.

  33. Ai shi xin zhong wei bu bian mei li de shen hua.

    • Cn u tl me smtng abt th myth 2…….

      • Ndeipi iyoyo?

  34. Cn u tl me smtng abt th myth 2….

  35. I really like this song and Movie because it’s seem like me.
    sometimes i think that, i can be like this movie …….. This song so sweet when i have listened this song my feel so pretty more can i say….
    even thought i wish i can have a girl friend like this song…

  36. Really love this song so much.. ❤

  37. Omg this is just great! Of all sites that I have visited, only this blog gives the most specific lyrics! Although you seemed to have missed out a part of Kim’s, nevermind that. By the way, I saw a video of Endless Love on Youtube, with exactly the same lyrics as this.

  38. i love this song you done a great job in writing lyrics thank you so much

  39. My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different internet address and thought I might check items out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Appear forward to checking out your web page again. fgebbbdbgddk

  40. This is a beautiful song and surely a big favorite of mine. Although I cannot speak the language now, I do sing along deep down in my heart.

    This song really touched my heart and soul in such a manner that it brings tears to my eyes….

    The next best thing to do is study the language in order to understand the culture and the people of the East.

    May “Eternal Love” be with us all for the rest of eternity!

  41. Well to me Jackie is one of the best chinese actor in the world. Commenting on dis song I will just say it’s fabulous one,both the song and his voice are awesome. I jst wnt say I love u Jackie and all chinese and korean actor,artist,actress. I love this song bcus whenever am hearing,I feel emotional. The korean singer also is wonderful singer. love all korean

  42. This is one of my favorite songs ever. Jackie Chan is really an inspiration to me. So much so, I did my own cover of this song. Hope you all enjoy it! The link is here >>>

  43. The arrangement is similar to “Seribu Hari” song by Manis Manja Group…
    My question, what song (both) is realeased first, Endless Love by Jackie or Seribu Hari by Manis Manja Group…

    Thank you for the answer

  44. The arrangement of the song is similar to “Seribu Hari” by Manis Manja Group
    My question is, what song is released first; Endless Love by Jackie or Seribu Hari by Manis Manja Group???

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