Posted by: Anurag Ojha | February 27, 2008

Secret to the cool icy flame photoshop effect, anyone?

UPDATED June 29 2008

Poster Design for Gaming Event at ACES INSPIRE 07

So I will reveal the method to create that effect in Adobe Photoshop to anyone who wishes to know about it 😉

Okay, this thread has been getting a lot of traffic everyday, so im writing a small tutorial for it!

CLICK on the images to get a clearer view

1. Create a canvas 800×600. Black Background. Write some text. Rasterize the Layer. Duplicate the text layer. Keep a copy of the rasterised text untouched. Merge the rest.



2. Layer2 Filter/Stylize/Wind Direction “Left” x twice, Direction “Right” x twice

3. Layer2 Filter/Distort/Ripple Amount 75% Size Small

4. Image/Rotate Canvas/90 CW and then Layer2 Filter/Stylize/Wind Direction “Left” x twice, Direction “Right” x twice

5. Layer2 Filter/Distort/Ripple Amount 100% Size Medium then Image/Rotate Canvas/90 CCW

Layer2 now looks like:

6. Select Layer1. Hide layer 2 from view.

Pick Magic Wand. Select the first character. Right click/Add to Selection and select all characters

Select/Modify/Contact 3 Pixels

Select Paint Tool. Right Click/Master Diameter Adjust as needed. Pick Colour. Run your brush over the selection on one straight horizontal swipe.

Unhide Layer2. Now things should something like this

7. Select Layer2. Image/Adjustement/Hue/Saturation Check Colorize. Increase the Saturation


If you tweak along the various stages with settings you can get great effects. Like converting the Canvas in to Polar coordinates. Filter/Distort/Polar Coordinates “Rectangular to Polar” and then applying wind would yeild something like


Have fun :D!!



  1. hehe…anurag bhai……………..
    Secret to the cool icy flame photoshop effect, anyone?…………..ya…….. iam here……………..
    should be wind and polar cordinates filter………………

  2. Great effect, I love it!
    Haven’t seen such effect, can you please write more info about it?

  3. :S err … ive totally forgotten
    …working on it, will post as soon as i can figure out how i did it

  4. I hope you still rememeber the basic idea, i think it will be a great addition to the site’s logo… 😛

  5. Um I still dont remember exactly what I did.
    But, I make a small tutorial anyway. Hope it helps! 🙂

  6. Looks awesome! Thanks for posting this great lesson.

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