Posted by: Anurag Ojha | April 14, 2008

Desert Rose – A poem by yours truly

Desert Rose

Oh my Desert Rose

i had walked past suns
looking for photon guns
i had walked through moons
looking for a something maroon
i dived into ocean depths
to find nothing but soon …

i dug into the desert
wandered on blistering sands
found a marooned rose
oblivious to the land
with arms as limp as whisps
withered, weak but a winner
in a desert with no conscience
violating the dead ambience

i picked you up and i got hurt
but i have also gained
life is not exempt from pain
and so will do so again

Oh my wild wild rose
You grow up from where nothing can grow

(Well this is my first attempt. This poem is a time from distant future. When mankind is reduced to warring tribes destroying each other, seeking new powers hidden beyond the frontier. The Man in the brute is in pain and seeks … something :S

Inspired form countless sci-fi movies “Star Wars” “Hitchhikers ..”, Shakespeares “The Tempest” , Bombay Rockers and Sting. dont laugh okay? criticism welcome!)


  1. For a first attempt, this is a beautifully written poem… Actually, it may apply to every major war man has ever fought… Senseless loss of life and as you say, “a desert with no conscience violating the dead ambience…”
    I loved it… 🙂

  2. Thank yoo ^_^

  3. wow! thats a nice poem .. great to start with.
    the painting beside it is also yours truly? 🙂

  4. Naww i ripped off the original from, but did put into it 2 hours!

  5. Wow great…”photon guns”..i really loved this expression
    go on all the best

  6. No laughing matter this….only smiles abound ! 🙂
    Nice piece !

  7. FYI the artwork is by a talented artist: Craig Arndt. Like your poem and i’m so glad i found this picture thanks to your blog but it took me a while to track down who the artist was! i don’t know if he minds or not, but he’d probably mind less about you “ripping off” his art if you at least sited his name… his stuff is really cool. if anyone wants to check out his other work he’s on myspace: and other sites, too…

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