Posted by: Anurag Ojha | June 26, 2008

They be stealin’ mi blankie!

A longs, longs time agoes
Aye kan stil rebembers wen
Dat blankie uzed to makes mee smiles.

Adn Aye knews if Aye hads a kourt
Aye kood make der heds go splort!
Adn meybes dey be happies fur a whiles.

Butt no blankies made mes shiver
Nos madder wat foods dey deliver.
Bad news at de zooes.
Such an evil newes.

Aye rebember dat I cried
Adn de tears ran down mai fur of white
Kuz sometime touched mee depe insides
Da day . . . mai blanky . . . dey hide.

Adn Aye waz krying . . .
Why, Why, why mai blanky dey hide.
Aye iz bebeh! Dey be crazy!
Aye gets dem all in gud time . . .
Wen Aye grows up, Aye’ll makes dem all whine
Adn dey’ll respect bears dat are white . .
Adn dey’ll respect bears dat are white . .

source: pegataur@ICHC


  1. ha, ha…hey, i like this version better than “when the music dies” ( hate the melencholy in this phrase) !!
    thanks for leaving a comment on my post, hope to see more of u in my blog.
    u’re an impressive writer.
    good luck!

  2. […] public links >> heds They be stealin’ mi blankie! Saved by ultrassruler on Sun 02-11-2008 Comment on Lee Seo-jin and Kim Jung-eun are real Lovers […]

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