Posted by: Anurag Ojha | June 27, 2008

BlogCamp Kerala August, 2008

This has been ripped off from Kenney‘s Blog 😀

When Gods Own Country is hosting a BlogCamp, then its has to be very special. The Event will happen on a huge house boat. This is going to be the first unconference to happen on boat. The Event is hosted by Kerala Tourism.

BlogCamp Kerala 2008 Venue

Date :- 16th August 2008

Venue :- Alappuzha

15th is a holiday and 17th is a sunday. So 16th is the perfect date to be on a boat in Kerala with blogging friends. This is a limited entry event. So if you are planning to enjoy a blogcamp on the backwaters of Kerala add your details to the following form.

Url : (brand new website!)
Shared Key : godsowncountry

You will be contacted to confirm your attendance.

Also Visit

Join the wiki!

Here is the list of the bloggers that I know personally:

Kenney Jacob – Disruptive Technologies

Im relatively new to blogging and would love to interact with the blogging community of Kerala. 2nd Barcamp of Kerala and the venue was sponsored by the Association of Computer Science Engineering Students (ACES) of School of Engineering CUSAT. It was a great success! Thanks to Kenney Jacob, an avid blogger, an entrepreneur, a technology evangelist, I got to meet and learn from many techies and entrepreneurs. The event was like homecomming! I cant wait for the BlogCamp and hope the event will be a resounding success in the tech circles of Kerala.

So do create a post like this and link up the bloggers you know.

Other bloggers who are talking about it:

BlogCamp Kerala – Kenney’s Blog
BlogCamp Kerala –
Kerala Blog Camp – TheAnand’s Ripples
BlogCamp Kerala –
BlogCamp Kerala August, 2008 –

More photos from the venue:

BlogCamp Kerala 2008 House Boat Interior

BlogCamp Kerala 2008 House Boat Bed Rooms

BlogCamp Kerala 2008 House Boat Interiors


  1. Thanks for the post. !!!!!

  2. നന്ദി.എല്ലാ വിജയങളും ആശംസിക്കുന്നു.

  3. Thanks very much for the post. I would like to
    participate in the camp

  4. Thanks for the mention mate. Did i miss you at the barcamp?? Also the official site for the blogcamp is up now…. Do update the post to reflect the same.


  5. Yup! done it!

    I was there at BarCamp! the dude in the maroon t Shirt here, list pic of the album!

  6. […] […]

  7. Holla!
    dats a great thing!!!! blog camp on the backwaters!! 🙂

    Best wishes to all mallu bloggers!

  8. Hey AndBack,
    Great blog… I love Uzamaki Naruto btw… dattebayyo!! the Japanese song ‘Sakura’ must have pricked your ears like it did for me…
    here’s the link to your video:

    and for the blogpost that i did just after meeting the early birds:

    lemme know what you think

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