Posted by: Anurag Ojha | July 25, 2008

eka – The latest super computer from India [seminar]

I presented a seminar on eka – the fastest supercomputer in asia and 8th fastest in the world. I barely had two days to prepare and somehow pulled it off. Apparently it was pretty good and everyone liked it! 😉

Im uploading my presentation:

and resources I referred for the presentation:


  1. 1) Great job with the presentation
    2) While uploading presentions, use Slideshare

  2. Thanks!
    slideshared my presentation!

  3. Good one there Anurag.

  4. Good work anurag…u pasted the pics of IIT kharagpur’s Computer Lab

  5. Yes!!

    I was there during a summer program on Network Management, saw some very interesting things(a nice map of iit kgp networks *evil grin*) and ofcourse the Param system.

    Are you from IIt Kgp?

  6. A good balanced sales story

  7. I like your Eka Presentation please send me the ppt file

  8. i like your presemtation.plz send me the ppt of it

  9. Would love 2 hv a copy of ur presentation
    All d Bst

    • hi i want to talk u????????????

  10. i want to becom a maneger of my own copny : palmtops………………..

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