Posted by: Anurag Ojha | February 13, 2010

Things I like about America: Part 1

So its the end of the semester and four months since I have come to America. And there are things I find interesting!

here are a few:

1. In America, aeroplanes can create clouds!

This is perhaps one of the first things I liked about this place. At any time during the day when you look upto the skies, you can find one or more airplanes heading somewhere leaving behind a trail of clouds!

I dont know what phenomenon this is, too lazy to read it up. Perhaps the air is so cold at that altitude, and the pressure created by the moving plane condenses the moisture into ice? huh?  bah …. … and I was correct, well more or less. Interesting.

2. Google Maps

The sense of independence with GMaps on an E71x. Go anywhere, when you want and alone if you want. Absolutely a must have for any new person comming to US.

Cant think of more, this post has been in draft for a long time, so sending it out 🙂


  1. Maybe the clouds created the aeroplanes. Though Occam’s razor would suggest otherwise!

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